A prince  becomes king. A boy comes to grips with his mother’s death. A girl faces a difficult decision. A  young man learns the consequences of his rashness. A rabbit travels through space. And in another part of the universe, five children begin the adventure of a lifetime. 

After a midnight journey through the far reaches of space, Sara, Charles, Jack, Hetty, and Lu Watson find themselves on Emoria; a planet ruled by wicked King Jorrid, and the home of an oppressed people, waiting to be set free. There they meet Felix Walker, the poorly treated son of King Jorrid’s general. Together with Felix, the Watsons put together a force for the purpose of freeing Emoria. But will their small band of farmers and children be able to stand against the king’s massive army?

Middle Grade

Genres--Adventure, Science Fiction and Fantasy

Recommended For: Ages 8-14

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